How to invest in us

The Hous of CBD Global . We focus first and foremost on the well being of our customers.

The Right People

We invest in the right people that are committed to improving customer care.

Strategic Business Model:

We have created a business model focused on Manufacturing hedged with Research & Development and Commercialization.

Strategic Partnerships

We have developed strategic partnerships with industry leading companies that share our values and goals.


We are continuously innovating to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Science-based Decision Making

We are taking a science and data based approach to all our decision making. Science, and the data behind it, will determine our path. The market is looking for viability. Consumers need trusted products that provide predictable outcomes. Pure aims to become a leader in providing data and research that will lead to the development of better consumer products and improving medical practitioner knowledge.

Our Core Business

Pure has been structured to focus on cannabinoid manufacturing, through cultivation and extraction, and creating sustainable differentiation through continued innovations, branding, and development of intellectual property

Research & Development

Unique Formulations Clinical Evidence Studies Healthcare / Medical Education Continued Product Innovation Cannabis Health Products Future Pharmaceuticals Future Plant Genetics


Installed and Ready CO2 Extraction + Distillation Unique Vertical / High Intensity Cultivation Systems Quality Assurance / Analytics/Micro Laboratory Bulk Extract Sales / Product Manufacturing Ready H1 2020 Cold Ethanol Bulk Extraction and Volume Isolation Ready to Use / Active Ingredient Formulations CBD / THC Isolate / Distillate Bulk Sales Automated Manufacturing/Processing Tolling / Co-pack Services


Medical / Wellness Brands Lifestyle and Rec Brands Hemp/CBD HABA Brands Food & Beverage Brands White Label Solutions Marketing & Sales Global Distribution.

Analyst Coverage

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